Welcome to Doctors On Debt!

This is a blog written for doctors (and other high-income/high-debt professionals), by doctors.  We are a doctor-couple in the middle of our student loan repayment, and we want to share our progress with you!

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As we said, this is a financial blog written for doctors by two of their own.  We are still figuring this getting-out-of-debt thing out, but hopefully we have some interesting things to say on the subject.  We aren’t going to pretend to be as well-informed or technically correct as many of the other awesome blogs in the niche already are, but we do think we can offer a unique take on things that others may find worthwhile.

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We hope to grow this site organically by providing enough content that our visitors feel it’s worth their time to keep reading, and our plan for now is to try to have at least a couple new posts a week.

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