This site, like our financial situation, is a work in progress.  One of our goals here is to keep a good record of how we’re doing in our debt pay down, and we plan on documenting the specifics as often as we can.

This page will be a landing place for the posts we write that speak specifically to our own situation.  It would be a great place to start for anyone new to the site who wants a quick summary of how we are doing with our own finances.  As they’re added, you can find them listed below.

Part 1:  Debt at Graduation

Part 2:  Income Growth

Part 3:  Debt Repayment

Part 4:  Putting It All Together

Working our way through our financial situation after professional school has been daunting.  In a lot of ways, it feels something like following a trail in a forest you may not know well:  The deeper you get, the more important it becomes to stick to the trail as closely as you can. You may not know where each specific turn is leading you, but you keep the faith that others have used the trail before and that eventually you will get to where you need to be.

It’s all about the journey, and we hope you enjoy it with us.