Month: February 2018

10 Easy Ways to Save Money Tomorrow

We are big fans of lists.  To-do lists, grocery lists, etc.  They keep us on-task and functioning.  In blog-form, lists are practical and easy-to-read, and we all know I like easy reads.

If you want more money to spend on something specific (*ahem* paying off your loans *ahem*) but your income is static, the only way to get that extra money is to save money on other expenses.  In other words, you need to spend less money on some things so you can spend more money on other things.  Sometimes you need that money tomorrow.

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Prescribed Reading: The Opposite of Spoiled book review

This is the first in a series of book reviews by Mr. DoD.  His New Year’s resolution is to read 12 finance related books in 2018, which would be 12 more than he read in 2017.  We hope you enjoy the first entry in the Doctors On Debt Prescribed Reading series.

Becoming a parent is hard.  There is so much to learn about how to take care of this little life you’ve been given; it can become overwhelming.  Sometimes it feels like you’re doing everything you can just to not screw it up.  

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