Month: January 2018

People Want Your Money. Defend it!

Have you seen the recent announcement about Amazon’s new grocery store, Amazon Go?  I’m a sucker for technology, and the concept is awesome:  You go in the store, take what you want, and… go.  Clever, huh?

Inside the typical looking storefront is some amazing tech.  Amazon has an advanced array of motion detectors and cameras that are able to sense what items you pick up and leave the store with, versus which things you put back on the shelf.  Walk out with your basket-full of stuff, and Amazon will automatically charge your Amazon account.  How cool is that?!  

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The Best Travel Hack Credit Can Buy

We love to travel, and although we don’t do it as much as we’d like we still try to get in a couple of trips a year. Most people would probably agree that the worst part of traveling is paying for it.  I mean, if we all could travel for free, everyone would do a whole lot more of, right?

The thing is, sometimes you can travel free.  You do it by what’s called Credit Card Travel Hacking, and it’s awesome.

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Let’s Talk About Altcoins

We hope the new year has been treating you well! Did you think we closed up shop and shut down?!  Our bad.  We know we haven’t been around much lately; it’s been a couple months since we’ve posted.  So where have we been?

Well, a sizeable investment we made in Bitcoin back in 2013 has paid off over the last couple of months and we are happy to say we’re now Financially Free and newly retired… we wish!  You weren’t really buying that were you?  

The truth is, life got in the way so-to-speak and we haven’t been able to put our complete focus into the blog.  We plan to get back on track and look forward to settling into a good routine in 2018 of giving new and original content to our readers on a regular basis, and that starts today.

Speaking of Bitcoin, how about that run it was on, huh?  If you hadn’t heard of Bitcoin in the middle of 2017, you had by the end of the year.  The frenzied pace at which the buying, the media coverage, and the hysteria occurred was fascinating to watch.  If you had any skin in the game it was even more than that. Continue reading

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